Annie’s Birthday!

My dearest sister Annie, the youngest of the family and the only one to share a birthday in our family is turning one year older today. (Oh, yes, and while I’m at it, Happy 1st birthday Ange!!! (or Ximena)




Her real birthday was the 9th but since that wouldn’t be able to work out we decided to do it Friday 10th.

After baking some really good chocolate cake in the night of the 9th, and an extra one early in the morning of the tenth, I set up to do some decorations for her birthday since she wanted it to be summer/flower deco which I did for most of the morning.

They came out really good thank the Lord! Here are some pics of ’em:


This one I made myself


This one I made with Natalie Alejandra.       

After finishing the decorations and cleaning the back patio sparkling clean, my parents arrived so I could start to decorate the cakes and finish arranging the tables. Much to my dismay I found out that actually we were going to have the party in the front patio, not the back one! Oh well, at least the back patio looks nice now……

Anyway, I left the table arrangement and movement to everyone else while I decorated the cake. Annie helped at first but then excused herself to go play with her friends in the pool.

Thank the Lord, the cake came out wonderfully! Better than any other I had done before! TYJ!


It was a pretty cool party and the kids, as well as I, were able to enjoy a fun water and game packed afternoon! TYJ!

Oh, yeah, the big news is…..ANNIE IS 10 YEARS OLD!!!! Can you believe it??? The baby of our family isn’t little anymore! What are we going to do!!!??? 😦  (Mommy, daddy, get to work!    hahaha just joking…..)

And here are some pics for you!

DSC03840  The kids, having fun in the pool. It’s amazing how many fit in there!


Cake decoreters!

(Geesh Windy! What a cheezy grin!) 


Da’ birfday girlie!! 


Four lovely sisters……


A wonderful fam……


Thanks to Aunty Sarah who took the photos!

Annie and Sunny lighting the candles. (ain’t the cake gorgeous! TYJ!)



Singing happy birthday!


  Annie I love you soooooo much! Have a happy one!!!








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7 Responses to Annie’s Birthday!

  1. misty says:

    hey thanks for posting the worst pic of me in the swimming (sorry if its not spelled correctly not even flo knew how to write it) and the pool was soooo crowded

  2. misty says:

    I know I look bad in all the pics WINDY put in there.

  3. 2wildwindyheart says:

    Huh? Who are you talking to?

  4. 2wildwindyheart says:

    ups… that was me (misty) I accidently did it in yours (windy)

  5. Kwan says:

    She is adorable ( the baby)!!! Babies are just so cute my neighbor’s baby just loves me (i think i’m pretty good with kids,well at least they all love me!!)

  6. 2wildwindyheart says:

    Yeah, she is super adorable! And teeny!

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