My little grad. “party”

Yeah, ahm, I know I haven’t posted for days now, I know….so sorry, its just there was nothing to post! But, now … there is!

Okay, so I graduated from Junior High (7Th, 8Th and 9Th grade) in March but until now we hadn’t done anything to celebrate it soooooooo, the day before yesterday (Sunday) we went camping to the Rosita for the night.

The next day we played some football, talked, swimmed, ate, and played some games.

I think though, the part that I liked the best was football! It was super fun and my team won 11 to 9…….(I think…..   lost count there at the last moments)

And the craziest thing EVER happened!

Okay, so Emmanuel was running with the ball to our goalie (…and yes, he was on the other team..) and the goal was completely OPEN. So, I ran with all my might to try to at least be a little bit of help to our dear Goalie, Angel. The next thing I knew, there was a flash of black (ummm his shirt..?) and then we were rolling in the floor. I actually think I saw some stars there for a second before bursting out laughing realizing what just happened. 

Man, he just completely ran me over! It was pretty funny, though. Today I am sooooo sore, hmmm… wonder why?

And besides that while I was trying to get a goal in, I prepared myself to kick and my leg ran smack into Esteban’s knee, Awwww MAN!!! Did that hurt! So I’m there limping and sucking up the pain, and I actually got a goal in! By now it has turned into an ugly yellow bruise in my leg….. oh well, praise the Lord, Amen?

So I bet your asking, how on earth after all these “incidents” was football my favorite moment of it all. Well, I’ll have to say I honestly don’t know! 😀

Anyway, here are some pics I hope you like, and if you don’t it’s Sunny’s fault, Okay???


Aysh!!! Those mosquito bites were so itchy! 😀


Hands up!


No he did it!




Waiting for that football…..


Boy was that a fall……


Esteban and John Paul totally freaking out….!



(Um yeah, and I think Sunny needs a little work on her photography skills……)


Emman’s dirty back after ‘dat  fall….


Watch out!


Get it over here! Give it to me, give it to me! Ooohhh….




Get it from him!




“Ummm, sorry about that one….”





(aha, with me almost falling on top of JP…. :D)


Getting into the grooove while celebrating! 😛




S’ UP?


I believe I can fly!!


Oooh, whatever…..


I know this picture looks pretty cool, but …..he didn’t hit it…… (haha evil grin)


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2 Responses to My little grad. “party”

  1. Kwan says:

    Now its your turn to celebrate Junior high!! and get another bruise!!! your a Pisces right?(the parallel fish) no wonder all the pains according to the Sun sign your skin is thin and more fragile than others!! where are you in the last one? are you even in the photo? one thing cool about going through your “previous year” is that each one of your post reminds me of my old times (well not including all the stuff that never happens here!!) with my friends and communal living and all. and probably for you too,you get to come back to see all your good times and remember them ( for me I think the memory is the reward( thats why our family has tons of photos like tons!!!, ever since i wasn’t even born!! before my mom and dad even knew each other!! sort of gives you a good idea of “TONS!!!”)

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