Sunny’s graduation.

Okay, so after an exciting 18 hours of suspense, heeeeeere’s some notes about the event!

It all started yesterday, June 27 at 8 o’clock pm. After a good three hours of getting ready and hurrying, only to find out that instead of starting at seven thirty, (when it was supposed to start) it started at about eight twenty! (Viva Mexico, amen?)

Sunny looked absolutely gorgeous in her school outfit, and her hairstyle (done by Windy) went just perfect!

Here is the pretty lady!

Sunny's graduation 005

Sunny's graduation 008

But finally, at long last the ceremony started! It was lots of fun, coupled with some Hawaiian dances from the smaller girls of the school and a few traditional Mexican dances that a a group presented.

Oh, yes! Guess what!? My Aunty Luz was able to come too! Here is a pic of our beautiful family!

Sunny's graduation 017


Here she is with Esteban who also graduated with her.

Sunny's graduation 011


BFFs awww smochies!

Sunny's graduation 024


Sunny's graduation 040


And her she is, having just come in into the Salon with all her classmates.

Sunny's graduation 031

Sunny's graduation 033


Sunny's graduation 041


Here she is after receiving her plaque.

Sunny's graduation 048

So after eating loads of cookies, sitting, standing, kneeling, raising your hands up in the air with the camera (oh yeah, you have do do everything to film le me tell ya!) We headed off to another hall to keep on celebrating, or in other words TO EAT!

And here we are after arriving and eating to the full…

Sunny's graduation 074


Misty, thinking about the love of her life, Angel and Chris…..umm with something in their nose, Annie holding on to Chris for dear life, Esteban and JP trying to act all cool for some cute chicks that were watching us as we took the picture (cough, cough).  😛 Then there is Sunny, trying very hard not to show her disappointment of the fellas over there….. Florence looking like she drank a little to much soda, and me, trying to be cool with it all…..sigh…………… whata’ team!!

Sunny's graduation 076


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2 Responses to Sunny’s graduation.

  1. misty says:

    I don’t even have a love of my life………. yet

  2. 2wildwindyheart says:

    YET my dear girl. YET!

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