Sunday, Father’s day…..

Today we went early in the morning to El Paso to do some fund raising in Wal-Mart.

First we ate at a really good Mexican restaurant that helps us, and off we went to Wal-Mart.

All in all it went pretty well, me and Misty standing like from 2-4 pm asking for donations. After that we took a little break inside of Wal-Mart and looked for some father’s day presents. After finding a good gift for my dad, we sat down in a bench to rest a little bit since we had been two hours standing up, and out of the blue, this elderly couple suddenly approaches us.

“Hi there! What are you guys doing standing at the entrance over there?” the man asked.

Okaaaay…so I wasn’t really expecting anybody to remember us from there but I gave a cheery smile and answered,

“Oh, we have  ministry with children in Ciudad Juarez. We go to orphanages, schools, and hospitals to cheer the children up, give them balloons, face paintings, books and now and then, when people help us, toys.”

He nodded and said that it was a very good cause and proceeded to right then and there, to give me a five dollar donation! Well, I was quite surprised, as was Misty, but we quickly got over it and thanked them for the donation.

After a 30 minute rest and getting gifts for dads, we went back to our spot to continue to ask for donations.

Almost near the end this lady (I think it was the grandma) and her two little boys approach, so I ask them the usual, “Hi, we have a ministry with children, would you like to help with a donation?” sort of thing.

The lady stops and says sure. While she is looking for change the oldest of the little boys goes up to her and asked, “What is this for?” The lady sort of hesitated so I explained in simple talk what we do. The little boy ran back to his place at the cart and I thought maybe he was shy because I had talked to him, but he didn’t stop! He ran right to us and turned his wallet upside down and shook all its contents inside our can! Me and Misty stood there with our eyes wide in surprise, then quickly returning to our senses ran to the table and gave him a coloring book, which he took with a big grin.

It was quite fun, and after we ended there my dad let me drive in the parking lot with our new suburban! Yay! It was fun and not as difficult to adjust as I thought it would be, considering I hadn’t driven it before.

That went without problems and after we crossed the border, he let me drive it in the Parque Chamizal for a while. Double Yay!!!

Well, now we’re home and soon will have a special dinner for all of our dear dads!

Oh, yeah, before I forget…….



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5 Responses to Sunday, Father’s day…..

  1. Shannon says:

    Hi Windy, I love you so much, I hope u liked the things we sent, sorry the notes are so brief…..It was very short notice.

  2. Shannon says:

    Please post some more…. pictures!

  3. 2wildwindyheart says:

    Haha, ok, I’ll try… 😛

  4. Kwan says:

    Very interesting encounter, you won’t find people like that here in Thailand, is that the way you guys raise fund? by asking on the road? not that its weird(ok in Thailand yes) but i’d love to give it a try!!

    ( Hey,hey,!! so you do drive pretty well!!!)

    if you lived here that(driving) would make everyone here drop dead!!! ( well not really,but you get the main idea)

  5. 2wildwindyheart says:

    Well, not exactly by the road, more like at the entrance of a really famous shop.

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