Laughter, good for your health!

Laughter has very positive effects on the heart, lungs and even a few muscles. These are the motives for this affirmation:

  • Laughing approximately 100 times a day has the same cardiovascular effect that a rowing exercise will for ten minutes.
  • Twenty seconds of laughter equal to three minutes of constant fiscal exercise in a gymnasium.
  • While laughing, the muscles of the face, thorax, and abdomen contract and release at a great speed, bettering their muscular toning.
  • When we cry of laughter, the heart increases its frequency and is capable of pulsating 140 to 210 milliliters of blood a minute, while the normal rate is 70.
  • In the same circumstance, the lungs double in their work of breathing air (12 liters instead of the normal 6) which contributes to a better oxygenation in our body.
  • laughter is a metabolic activity which provokes the liberation of adrenaline, favoring calorie loss.
  • Every time we laugh, our eyes acquire a characteristic shine and increase tear, urine, and saliva secretion, which are regulated by the nervous system.



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One Response to Laughter, good for your health!

  1. Kwan says:

    After reading that I had to laugh ( no,no,no!!! not that i don’t believe you) it was somthing to laugh about ( how did you know i had a beautiful smile? haha jk!!!)

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