An attitude of Thankfulness, please take a time to read it!

You know, it’s amazing how many of the little things we see each day or that we have just don’t seem very important and not worthy of being thankful of, but if we would just stop and see how many things the Lord has blessed us with we would see how truly rich we are. Just imagine how we would do without a certain thing.

It is very amazing how many things in life we take for granted and don’t truly appreciate, don’t you think?

How about each of you that read this post take some time today to really take a look of all that you have and that the Lord has blessed you with.

Here I am going to post some of mine, and maybe give you an idea of how richly we are all blessed.

  • I have a perfectly healthy body that heals by itself or with little help, (Many, many are seriously sick or not 100%  normal)
  • I have two very good eyes=I can see, (Many people are blind!)
  • I have two arms and hands in perfectly good condition, (Some people don’t have any.)
  • I have two strong legs and feet, (Many people can’t walk)
  • I can hear, (Many people don’t get to enjoy hearing their loved one’s voice.)
  • I can talk, sing and laugh, (Many people can’t)
  • I have very good teeth, (Many people don’t have that privilege.)
  • I can move! (Many people are paralytic!)
  • I have two wonderful parents (Many people are orphans.),
  • I have three great sisters, (Many kids are lonely.)
  • I have plenty of food, (Many people are starving),
  • I have a house and a nice warm bed, (Many people live without a home and bed)
  • A nice clean bathroom, (Many people have to use an outhouse or just wherever)
  • A shower, soap and running water (Many people have to hawl water from far away for everyday needs)
  • Nice warm/cool clothes (many people suffer cold or don’t have any)
  • Good teachers, books, and school supplies (Many children and adults don’t even know how to read)
  • Wonderful friends, (Many people are lonely)
  • I have two cute pets (Many people can’t afford one)
  • A good car, (Many people don’t count with one)
  • A TV, video player, mp3, laptop, watch, jewelry, cosmetics, (For many this is an unreachable luxury)
  • I am a missionary (Many people don’t have a life worth living for)
  • I have SALVATION and know I am forgiven and will go to heaven, (Many people don’t have this hope to look forward too)
  • And most important of all, I have JESUS, (Many, many people don’t count with his love, mercy and forgiveness)

Just think for a moment how trully rich you are and thank the Lord for all you have, remember that many people don’t count with all that you are blessed with everyday!


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One Response to An attitude of Thankfulness, please take a time to read it!

  1. Lisa Kill says:

    I thinks its great, really makes ppl think………….I shall definitely try to be more positive!!

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