Another day…

We had to wake up pretty early to leave to El Paso because we had a show for a military base nearby (well, that is considering how close you consider nearby..)

Anyway, the devil fought it HARD, forgetting things, stopping the line for about 20 minutes and then the officer forgetting to give back my mom’s resident card…well gee wiz! After that we drove to our apartment in El Paso and got ready for the show. That went pretty good actually (I did John Paul’s clown makeup and for a first time of doing that particular make up deal, it looked pretty good!….) About twenty minutes later we drove off to find the military base, but when we got there  “We had a problem.” “All the hotels were full!” (ha ha a little minor joke in there, though I don’t think you will laugh if you haven’t heard Trudge and Zippy’s Christmas story though….)

Anyway we DID have a major prob! My dad didn’t have this car document you needed to get in the base so we were stuck there for about 20 minutes. Finally the lady that contracted us came and we were able to use her van to pull the trailer while our dear faithful truck got left behind. (At least Uncle Joseph had the paper they needed so he was able to get through)

So after all those battles a major victory was won! TYJ! The show came out perfectly and the people and kids just loved it! Best part: we prayed with them to receieve Jesus! Yay!

A little cool fact about the event. There was this little five year old girl and she had the mos B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L eyes I had ever seen! Can you guess what color they were?????

(Nop, not green, or blue, or brown, or pink.) They were YELLOW!!!! Can you believe it!???? With a teeny tint of green on the outer part, but other than that, YELLOW!!! Amazing huh???

Well, anyway, that was today for us, here at our small but busy home in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua. Yiiihaaaa!!! VIVA MEXICO, AYAYAY! Come and visit!


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