My XV Birthday!

Here are some pictures of my Fifteenth birthday, which I think is a good place to start.IMG_7811Yep, my Quinceañera, the dream party of many Mexican girls, when they are presented into society as a young woman. A time were the parent’s empty their pockets and spend like crazy in all the minor details and a time and place when the girl has the time of her life! Pretty cool huh? IMG_8177

IMG_8222 Twilight

My great sisters and me! Misty 11, Me: Windy 15, Sunny 13, and Annie 9 (notice how we all end in “e”)


Outside of the hall.


Such a pretty place!


The place were the party was held was beautiful and not to mention HUGE! I wish I had a picture of the whole thing but at least you can see it in the background.


The reason those front table and  chairs are empty is cuz we forgot to take away the reserved signs so nobody sat in them!

Thanks to Joan who did my super make up!

Tks to Joan's Makeup

My birthday turned out to be a really fun and a good witness. I got intervewed and explained about the miracle of my birthday as every single thing was donated and about my missionary life.

Never mind my corny face...

Never mind my corny face...

We also were able to pray with everyone to receve Jesus in their hearts! PTL!


One of the highlight of the whole event was that my Aunty Luz, her daughter Daniela and my best friend Victoria were able to come from Mexico city and Queretaro. It was really cool cuz I hadn’t seen Vicky in over 6 years! It was a real treat!IMG_8051


My Cake was amazing and sooooooo good! As well as BIG and we had leftovers! Yum!


Our home! (at least part of it)


Dancing time!



You should have seen uncle Joseph! He started rocking out and everybody totally flipped out!


And we’re gonna’ shake, shake….


Teaching Danny how to dance!


Dancing with my Papi!


This is a dance I choreographed with the big kids for my birthday.


By around the time to cut the cake I was soooo thirsty! I had barely had any water and I didn’t eat anything at all during the whole party except a piece of cake! Talk about busy…..



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7 Responses to My XV Birthday!

  1. kwan says:

    Wow that is a HUGE birthday party like the biggest i’ve ever seen it reminds me more of a wedding really your dress the ballroom like hall the cake. totally out standing!!! i was like shocked (literally) birthdays don’t have much importance here in Thailand ( well not enough to set it that big!!)

  2. kwan says:

    Oh!! almost forgot to compliment you, you look very pretty!! i must say people here only dress like that for very formal outings ( which is often) but never like that for birthday parties!! and Happy belated birthday to you!!!

  3. Windy says:

    Yeah, over here for a girl, turning 15 is one of the biggest events in her life, also her biggest party. (topped only by her wedding) PTL it was all provisioned!!
    haha, so there you get a lil’ Mexican culture! Padrisimo no? (tat means: Cool huh?)

  4. Kwan says:

    Very Padrisimo!!! i really like how you used Roman numerals for your age! I was wondering what you meant by being interviewed and the miracle of your birth( of course every birth is a miracle but yours sound more speical than that!!) mind shedding some light??

  5. 2wildwindyheart says:

    Oh, I meant as in the miracle of my birthday party, as something like this would normally cost a fortune but the Lord was able to supply everything for free!

  6. Kwan says:

    Ohh! I get it now! so your parents didn’t have to “empty their pockets”right!! but I still don’t understand why the interview? unless its like a huge thing!!

  7. Oh, the thing is that one of our friends invited this reporter guy, you know, to just enjoy the party, but he thought it was for and interview! Well, he liked it so much he decided to stay (he was just going to be there for like 5 min.) and interviewed me, my mom, the owner etc. Which ended in TV three times the next day!
    Since the situation in Juarez hadn’t been so good, he thought it would be a good idea to put something inspiring in the news, you know like, young people doing things for others.

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